Александр Куприн – Alexander Kuprin – Alexandre Kuprin

На Русском языкеIn EnglishEn Français

Русская литератураРусские стихиДетские книги – Александр Куприн

На Русском языке

In English

Russian LiteratureRussian poetryChildren’s book – Alexander Kuprin


A Slav Soul (Short Story)
The Song And The Dance (Short Story)
Easter Day (Short Story)
The Idiot (Short Story)


Mechanical Justice (Short Story)
The Last Word (Short Story)
Dogs’ Happiness (Short Story)
The Outrage, A True Story (Short Story)


A Clump Of Lilacs (Short Story)
Anathema (Short Story)
Tempting Providence (Short Story)
Cain (Short Story)


The Picture (Short Story)
Hamlet (Short Story)
The White Poodle (Short Story)
The Elephant (Short Story)


The river of life (Short Story)
Captain Ribnikov (Short Story)
The Witch (Olyessia) (Short Story)

En Français

Littérature russePoésie russeLivre pour enfants – Alexandre Kuprin


Bilingual Russian / English

Bilingue Russe / Français

Pushkin's farewell to the sea. 1877 painted by Repin

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Русская литератураРусские стихиДетские книги – Александр Куприн

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