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Another beautiful museum to visit virtually is the Musée d’Orsey. Did you know that the museum was in an old gare station? Also you can enjoy one of the world’s largest collections of European paintings and sculptures of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries which are exposed in this museum.

The peculiarity of the Musée d’Orsey is that the exhibits are arranged in chronological order instead of according to personalities which give us the feeling of visiting the past and seeing history as it is being written.

This is the first thing we see on the page and by clicking on the yellow icon on the bottom right of the picture we can directly visit the museum.

But there are other interesting part on the page. The following is the history of the Musée d’Orsey which I really liked

These are a few pictures from my visit of the history of the museum

Then you can visit the paintings by categories

And here are a few pictures of the paintings I visited. If you pass the mouse on a painting the name of the painting and artist shows up. You can also click on the painting which will put it on a whole page with its details.

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To go back to the virtual Musée d’Orsey I would advise to click on the go back arrow from your browser, I couldn’t find another way back to the museum.

The last part is the virtual visit of the museum as offer when you first open the site

It is also a beautiful visit, and here a few pictures I took of it

If you want to visit the Musée d’Orsey yourself, just click on the link. Visit the Musée d’Orsey now

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did

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