Who are we?

My son’s dog enjoying a boat ride

We are french, and have been raised in France, in Paris. Since we love to travel, we lived 20 years in the USA which allowed us to discover the country. We learned English at the college of “La Habra” and worked in California, Florida, Louisiana, and Virginia. We have a perfect knowledge of both languages. For the last 4 years, we have been learning Russian, which we particularly enjoy.

Home, sweet home, in Deltaville VA

From our love of languages, we came up with this website idea. A place to share what we know, help you learn and discover other languages and cultures.

We think that education is very important and that we shouldn’t try to forget our past because it wasn’t perfect. We believe that we learn from our mistakes and should know what happened as to not repeat it over and over again.


On this site we hope to help you learn, and to remove the difficulties caused by the difference of culture and language.

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