What are the advantages of our subscription

Lire en Français

On our site you will find many classics and children’s tales and fairy tales in French, English, and Russian which you are free to read.

The subscription is for those of you who are learning a second language, and want to learn and practice while relaxing, as well as for parents who have bilingual children.

I noticed as I am learning Russian that when I read in Russian with the English or French text next to it I learn many new words and the way of saying it. I do not have to study it, just read and enjoy.
Sure I still study Russian but that vocabulary add to it without real effort.

Our subscriptions offer you to have access to the entire content of of our bilingual books instead of only the beginning of the book. It also include books and tales I translated myself.

One very interesting book for Russian learner is Рассказ что я видел, it includes a lot of motion verbs and will help you understand and teach you how to use them. I translated it myself. (No it is not available yet, soon…well, maybe a few months…)

All our the books in the subscribing part are cut into a few sentences at the time so you can find the meaning quickly if you do not know it. I do not use Google translate or any other translator as I found too many mistakes in them. I usually use 2 books without copyright if they say the same thing at the same time (The call of the wild doesn’t!) or I just translate the book myself.

Evidently new bilingual books, fairy tales… are added all the time. Sometimes many at the same time, and sometimes none for a while. It just means that I am working on them.

You will notice that in the children bilingual book section, I also put the pictures in the bilingual book as in every children book when I have them.

Evidently you are more than welcome to ask for a book. I’ll do it with pleasure if it is without copyright and I can find it.

For now there are two subscriptions available.

One in Euro which include books in French/Russian and French/English and one in Dollars which include the books in French/English and English Russian.

To subscribe, just do it on the page of the bilingual book that you are reading. In the meantime, thank you for subscribing and please enjoy.

The list of books with subscription can be found here. It is updated every now and then but the new books or stories will appears on their bilingual page.