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A Chippewa Legend
The old Chief, feeling now wellnigh his end,
Called his two eldest children to his side,
And gave them, in few words, his parting charge! …

A Christmas Carol
‘What means this glory round our feet,’
  The Magi mused, ‘more bright than morn?’
And voices chanted clear and sweet, …

A Contrast
Thy love thou sendest oft to me,
  And still as oft I thrust it back;
Thy messengers I could not see …

A Legend of Brittany.
Fair as a summer dream was Margaret,
  Such dream as in a poet’s soul might start,
Musing of old loves while the moon doth set: …

Above and Below.
O dwellers in the valley-land,
  Who in deep twilight grope and cower,
Till the slow mountain’s dial-hand …

Sleep is Death’s image,—poets tell us so;
But Absence is the bitter self of Death,
And, you away, Life’s lips their red forego, …

After the Burial.
Yes, faith is a goodly anchor;
  When skies are sweet as a psalm,
At the bows it lolls so stalwart,

Dicesti egli ebbe? non viv’ egli ancora?
Non fiere gli occhi suoi lo dolce lome? ….

One kiss from all others prevents me,
  And sets all my pulses astir,
And burns on my lips and torments me: …

Al Fresco.
The dandelions and buttercups
Gild all the lawn; the drowsy bee
Stumbles among the clover-tops, …

When I was a beggarly boy
  And lived in a cellar damp,
I had not a friend nor a toy, …

One feast, of holy days the crest,
  I, though no Churchman, love to keep,
All-Saints,—the unknown good that rest …

I would more natures were like thine,
  That never casts a glance before,
Thou Hebe, who thy heart’s bright wine …

Never, surely, was holier man
Than Ambrose, since the world began;
With diet spare and raiment thin …

An Ember Picture
How strange are the freaks of memory!
  The lessons of life we forget,
While a trifle, a trick of color, …

An Epistle to George William Curtis
Curtis, whose Wit, with Fancy arm in arm,
Masks half its muscle in its skill to charm,
And who so gently can the Wrong expose …

Praisest Law, friend? We, too, love it much as they that love it best;
‘Tis the deep, august foundation, whereon Peace and Justice rest;
On the rock primeval, hidden in the Past its bases be, …

April Birthday, An—at Sea.
On this wild waste, where never blossom came,
  Save the white wind-flower to the billow’s cap,
Or those pale disks of momentary flame, ….

Arcadia Rediviva.
I, walking the familiar street,
  While a crammed horse-car jingled through it,
Was lifted from my prosy feet

At the Burns Centennial.
A hundred years! they’re quickly fled,
  With all their joy and sorrow;
Their dead leaves shed upon the dead, …

At the Commencement Dinner, 1866.
I rise, Mr. Chairman, as both of us know,
With the impromptu I promised you three weeks ago,
Dragged up to my doom by your might and my mane, …

Auf Wiedersehen.
The little gate was reached at last,
  Half hid in lilacs down the lane; …

My heart, I cannot still it,
Nest that had song-birds in it;
And when the last shall go, …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – X – – Z


I christened you in happier days, before
These gray forebodings on my brow were seen;
You are still lovely in your new-leaved green; …

Beaver Brook.
Hushed with broad sunlight lies the hill,
  And, minuting the long day’s loss,
The cedar’s shadow, slow and still, …

Bowing thyself in dust before a Book,
And thinking the great God is thine alone,
O rash iconoclast, thou wilt not brook …

Birthday Verses.
‘Twas sung of old in hut and hall
How once a king in evil hour
Hung musing o’er his castle wall, ….

Bon Voyage.
Ship, blest to bear such freight across the blue,
May stormless stars control thy horoscope;
In keel and hull, in every spar and rope, …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Casa sin Alma.
Silencioso por la puerta
Voy de su casa desierta
Do siempre feliz entré, …

Changed Perspective
Full oft the pathway to her door
I’ve measured by the selfsame track, ..

The cordage creaks and rattles in the wind,
With whims of sudden hush; the reeling sea
Now thumps like solid rock beneath the stern, …

Credidimus Jovem regnare
O days endeared to every Muse,
When nobody had any Views,
Nor, while the cloudscape of his mind …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


When Persia’s sceptre trembled in a hand
Wilted with harem-heats, and all the land
Was hovered over by those vulture ills …

Das Ewig-Weibliche
How was I worthy so divine a loss,
  Deepening my midnights, kindling all my morns?
Why waste such precious wood to make my cross, …

Death of Queen Mercedes
Hers all that Earth could promise or bestow,—
Youth, Beauty, Love, a crown, the beckoning years,
Lids never wet, unless with joyous tears, …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


E.G. de R.
Why should I seek her spell to decompose
Or to its source each rill of influence trace
That feeds the brimming river of her grace? …

Eleanor makes Macaroons
Light of triumph in her eyes,
Eleanor her apron ties;
As she pushes back her sleeves, …

Elegy on the Death of Dr. Channing
I do not come to weep above thy pall,
  And mourn the dying-out of noble powers,
The poet’s clearer eye should see, in all …

My day began not till the twilight fell,
And, lo, in ether from heaven’s sweetest well,
The New Moon swam divinely isolate …

The path from me to you that led,
  Untrodden long, with grass is grown,
Mute carpet that his lieges spread …

Heaven’s cup held down to me I drain,
The sunshine mounts and spurs my brain;
Bathing in grass, with thirsty eye …

Extreme Unction
Go! leave me, Priest; my soul would be
  Alone with the consoler, Death;
Far sadder eyes than thine will see …

Eye’s Treasury, The.
Gold of the reddening sunset, backward thrown
In largess on my tall paternal trees,
Thou with false hope or fear didst never tease …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z



Fact or Fancy?

Falcon, The.
In town I hear, scarce wakened yet,
  My neighbor’s clock behind the wall
Record the day’s increasing debt, …

Familiar Epistle to a Friend, A.
Alike I hate to be your debtor,
Or write a mere perfunctory letter;
For letters, so it seems to me, …

Fancy’s Casuistry.
How struggles with the tempest’s swells
That warning of tumultuous bells!
The fire is loose! and frantic knells …

Fatherland, The.

Festina Lente.

Finding of the Lyre, The.

First Snow-Fall, The.

Fitz Adam’s Story.
The next whose fortune ’twas a tale to tell
Was one whom men, before they thought, loved well,
And after thinking wondered why they did, …

Flying Dutchman, The.
Don’t believe in the Flying Dutchman?
  I’ve known the fellow for years;
My button I’ve wrenched from his clutch, man: …

Foot-Path, The.
It mounts athwart the windy hill
  Through sallow slopes of upland bare,
And Fancy climbs with foot-fall still …

For an Autograph.

Foreboding, A.
What were the whole void world, if thou wert dead,
Whose briefest absence can eclipse my day,
And make the hours that danced with Time away …

Forlorn, The.

Fountain, The.

Fountain of Youth, The.
‘Tis a woodland enchanted!
By no sadder spirit
Than blackbirds and thrushes, …

Fourth of July, 1876, An Ode for the.

France, Ode to.

Franciscus de Verulamio sic cogitavit.’
That’s a rather bold speech, my Lord Bacon,
  For, indeed, is’t so easy to know
Just how much we from others have taken, …


Future, To the.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Garrison, W.L., To.

Ghost-Seer, The.

Giddings, J.R., To.

Glance behind the Curtain, A.

Godminster Chimes.

Gold Egg: A Dream-Fantasy.
I swam with undulation soft,
  Adrift on Vischer’s ocean,
And, from my cockboat up aloft, …

Grant, General, On a Bust of.

Graves of Two English Soldiers on Concord Battle-Ground, Lines suggested by the.

Growth of the Legend, The.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


H.W.L., To.

Hamburg, An Incident of the Fire at.

Happiness, Ode to.

Harvard Commemoration, Ode recited at the.



Heritage, The.

Holmes, To.

Hood, To the Memory of.

How I consulted the Oracle of the Goldfishes.
What know we of the world immense
Beyond the narrow ring of sense?
What should we know, who lounge about …

Hunger and Cold.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


In a Copy of Omar Khayydm.
These pearls of thought in Persian gulfs were bred,
Each softly lucent as a rounded moon;
The diver Omar plucked them from their bed, …

In Absence.

In an Album.

In the Half-Way House.
At twenty we fancied the blest Middle Ages
  A spirited cross of romantic and grand,
All templars and minstrels and ladies and pages, ….

In the Twilight.
Men say the sullen instrument,
  That, from the Master’s bow,
  With pangs of joy or woe, …

Incident in a Railroad Car, An.

Incident of the Fire at Hamburg, An.

Indian-Summer Reverie, An.

  For a Bell at Cornell University.
I call as fly the irrevocable hours,
  Futile as air or strong as fate to make ..

  For a Memorial Window to Sir Walter Raleigh, set up in St. Margaret’s,     Westminster, by American Contributors.

The New World’s sons, from England’s breasts we drew
  Such milk as bids remember whence we came; ..

  Proposed for a Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Boston.

To those who died for her on land and sea,
That she might have a country great and free, …

International Copyright.
In vain we call old notions fudge,
  And bend our conscience to our dealing; ..

Interview with Miles Standish, An.

Inveraray, On Planting a Tree at.

Invita Minerva.
The Bardling came where by a river grew
The pennoned reeds, that, as the west-wind blew,
Gleamed and sighed plaintively, as if they knew …

Invitation, An.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Jonathan to John.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Keats, To the Spirit of.



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z



Landlord, The.

Latest Views of Mr. Biglow.

Leaving the Matter open.

Legend of Brittany, A.

L’Envoi (To the Muse).
Whither? Albeit I follow fast,
  In all life’s circuit I but find,
Not where thou art, but where thou wast, …

L’Envoi (Whether my heart hath wiser grown or not).

Lesson, The.
I sat and watched the walls of night
  With cracks of sudden lightning glow,
And listened while with clumsy might …

Letter, A, from a candidate for the presidency in answer to suttin questions proposed by Mr. Hosea Biglow, inclosed in a note from Mr. Biglow to S.H. Gay, Esq., editor of the National Anti-Slavery Standard.

Letter, A, from Mr. Ezekiel Biglow of Jaalam to the Hon. Joseph T. Buckingham, editor of the Boston Courier, inclosing a poem of his son, Mr. Hosea Biglow.

Letter, A, from Mr. Hosea Biglow to the Hon. J.T. Buckingham, editor   of the Boston Courier, covering a letter from Mr. B. Sawin, private   in the Massachusetts Regiment.

Letter, A Second, from B. Sawin, Esq.

Letter, A Third, from B. Sawin, Esq.

Letter from Boston.
Dear M——
           By way of saving time,
I’ll do this letter up in rhyme,
Whose slim stream through four pages flows …

Lines (suggested by the Graves of Two English Soldiers on Concord Battle-Ground).



Love and Thought.
What hath Love with Thought to do?
Still at variance are the two.
Love is sudden, Love is rash, …

Love’s Clock.
‘O Dryad feet,
Be doubly fleet,
Timed to my heart’s expectant beat …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


M.O.S., To.

Mahmood the Image-Breaker.
Old events have modern meanings; only that survives
Of past history which finds kindred in all hearts and lives.
Mahmood once, the idol-breaker, spreader of the Faith,
Was at Sumnat tempted sorely, as the legend saith. …

Maple, The.
The Maple puts her corals on in May,
While loitering frosts about the lowlands cling,
To be in tune with what the robins sing, …


Mason and Slidell: a Yankee Idyll.

Memoriæ Positum.
 Beneath the trees,
  My lifelong friends in this dear spot,
  Sad now for eyes that see them not, …

Message of Jeff Davis in Secret Session, A.


Miner, The.
Down ‘mid the tangled roots of things
  That coil about the central fire,
I seek for that which giveth wings …

Misconception, A.
B, taught by Pope to do his good by stealth,
‘Twixt participle and noun no difference feeling, ..

Miss D.T., To.

Monna Lisa.
She gave me all that woman can,
Nor her soul’s nunnery forego,
A confidence that man to man …

Mood, A.
I go to the ridge in the forest
I haunted in days gone by,
But thou, O Memory, pourest …

Moon, The.

My Love.

My Portrait Gallery.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Nest, The.
When oaken woods with buds are pink,
  And new-come birds each morning sing,
When fickle May on Summer’s brink

New-Year’s Eve, 1850.

New Year’s Greeting, A.
The century numbers fourscore years;
  You, fortressed in your teens,
To Time’s alarums close your ears, …

Nightingale in the Study, The.
‘Come forth!’ my catbird calls to me,
  ‘And hear me sing a cavatina
That, in this old familiar tree, …

While the slow clock, as they were miser’s gold,
Counts and recounts the mornward steps of Time,
The darkness thrills with conscience of each crime …

Nobler Lover, The.
If he be a nobler lover, take him!
 You in you I seek, and not myself;
Love with men’s what women choose to make him, …

Nomades, The.
What Nature makes in any mood
To me is warranted for good,
Though long before I learned to see …

Norton, Charles Eliot, To.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Oak, The.

Ode, An (for the Fourth of July, 1876).
Entranced I saw a vision in the cloud
That loitered dreaming in yon sunset sky,
Full of fair shapes, half creatures of the eye, …

Ode (In the old days of awe and keen-eyed wonder).

Ode (read at the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Fight at Concord Bridge)
Who cometh over the hills,
Her garments with morning sweet,
The dance of a thousand rills …

Ode (recited at the Harvard Commemoration)
    Weak-winged is song,
Nor aims at that clear-ethered height
Whither the brave deed climbs for light: …

Ode to France.

Ode to Happiness.
Spirit, that rarely comest now
  And only to contrast my gloom,
  Like rainbow-feathered birds that bloom …

Ode (written for the Celebration of the Introduction of the Cochituate Water, into the City of Boston)
My name is Water: I have sped
  Through strange, dark ways, untried before,
By pure desire of friendship led, …

Omar Khayyám, In a Copy of.

On a Bust of General Grant.
Strong, simple, silent are the [steadfast] laws
That sway this universe, of none withstood,
Unconscious of man’s outcries or applause, …

On a Portrait of Dante by Giotto
Can this be thou who, lean and pale,
  With such immitigable eye
Didst look upon those writhing souls in bale,

On an Autumn Sketch of H.G. Wild.

On being asked for an Autograph in Venice.

On Board the ’76.
NOVEMBER 3, 1884
Our ship lay tumbling in an angry sea,
  Her rudder gone, her mainmast o’er the side; …

On burning some Old Letters.
With what odorous woods and spices
Spared for royal sacrifices,
With what costly gums seld-seen, …

On hearing a Sonata of Beethoven’s played in the Next Room.
Unseen Musician, thou art sure to please,
  For those same notes in happier days I heard
Poured by dear hands that long have never stirred …

On planting a Tree at Inveraray.
Who does his duty is a question
  Too complex to be solved by me,
But he, I venture the suggestion, …

On reading Wordsworth’s Sonnets in Defence of Capital Punishment.

On Receiving a Copy of Mr. Austin Dobson’s ‘Old World Idylls’
At length arrived, your book I take
To read in for the author’s sake;
Too gray for new sensations grown,

On the Capture of Fugitive Slaves near Washington.
Look on who will in apathy, and stifle they who can,
The sympathies, the hopes, the words, that make man truly man;
Let those whose hearts are dungeoned up with interest or with ease …

On the Death of a Friend’s Child
Death never came so nigh to me before,
Nor showed me his mild face: oft had I mused
Of calm and peace and safe forgetfulness, …

On the Death of Charles Turner Torrey.

Optimist, The.
Turbid from London’s noise and smoke,
Here I find air and quiet too;
Air filtered through the beech and oak, …

Oracle of the Goldfishes, How I consulted the.


Origin of Didactic Poetry, The.
When wise Minerva still was young
  And just the least romantic,
Soon after from Jove’s head she flung …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Palfrey, John Gorham, To.

Still thirteen years: ’tis autumn now
  On field and hill, in heart and brain; …

Like some lorn abbey now, the wood
  Stands roofless in the bitter air; …

Paolo to Francesca.
I was with thee in Heaven: I cannot tell
If years or moments, so the sudden bliss,
When first we found, then lost, us in a kiss. …

Parable, A (An ass munched thistles, while a nightingale).
An ass munched thistles, while a nightingale
From passion’s fountain flooded all the vale.
‘Hee-haw!’ cried he, ‘I hearken,’ as who knew …

Parable, A (Said Christ our Lord, I will go and see).

Parable, A (Worn and footsore was the Prophet).

Parting of the Ways, The.

Past, To the.

Perdita, singing. To.

Ye little think what toil it was to build
A world of men imperfect even as this,
Where we conceive of Good by what we miss, …

Petition, The.
Oh, tell me less or tell me more,
Soft eyes with mystery at the core,
That always seem to melt my own …

Phillips, Wendell.

Ere pales in Heaven the morning star,
  A bird, the loneliest of its kind,
Hears Dawn’s faint footfall from afar …

Pictures from Appledore.
A heap of bare and splintery crags
Tumbled about by lightning and frost,
With rifts and chasms and storm-bleached jags, …

Pine-Tree, To a.

Pioneer, The.

Pious Editor’s Creed, The.

Portrait Gallery, My.
Oft round my hall of portraiture I gaze,
By Memory reared, the artist wise and holy,
From stainless quarries of deep-buried days. …

Portrait of Dante by Giotto, On a.

Prayer, A.

Pregnant Comment, The.
Opening one day a book of mine,
I absent, Hester found a line
Praised with a pencil-mark, and this …

Present Crisis, The.

Prison of Cervantes.
Seat of all woes? Though Nature’s firm decree
The narrowing soul with narrowing dungeon bind,
Yet was his free of motion as the wind, …


Protest, The.
I could not bear to see those eyes
On all with wasteful largess shine,
And that delight of welcome rise …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Recall, The.
Come back before the birds are flown,
Before the leaves desert the tree,
And, through the lonely alleys blown,

Remarks of Increase D. O’Phace, Esquire, at an extrumpery caucus in State Street, reported by Mr. H. Biglow.

Remembered Music.

Requiem, A.



Rose, The: a Ballad.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


St. Michael the Weigher.

In life’s small things be resolute and great
To keep thy muscle trained: know’st thou when Fate
Thy measure takes, or when she’ll say to thee, …

When the down is on the chin
And the gold-gleam in the hair,
When the birds their sweethearts win …

Science and Poetry.
He who first stretched his nerves of subtile wire
Over the land and through the sea-depths still,
Thought only of the flame-winged messenger …

Scottish Border.

Search, The.


Secret, The.
I have a fancy: how shall I bring it
Home to all mortals wherever they be?
Say it or sing it? Shoe it or wing it, …

A presence both by night and day,
  That made my life seem just begun,
Yet scarce a presence, rather say …


She came and went.

Shepherd of King Admetus, The.

Si descendero in Infernum, ades.

Singing Leaves, The.

Sirens, The.

Sixty-Eighth Birthday.
As life runs on, the road grows strange
With faces new, and near the end ..

Song (O moonlight deep and tender).

Song (to M.L.).

Song (Violet! sweet violet!).


  Alexander, Fanny, To.
  ‘Beloved, in the noisy city here’.
  Bon Voyage!

Ship, blest to bear such freight across the blue,
May stormless stars control thy horoscope;
In keel and hull, in every spar and rope,

  Brakes, The.
  Dancing Bear, The.
  Death of Queen Mercedes.
  E.G. de R.

Why should I seek her spell to decompose
Or to its source each rill of influence trace
That feeds the brimming river of her grace?

  Eye’s Treasury, The.

  ‘For this true nobleness I seek in vain.’
  Foreboding, A.

  ‘Great truths are portions of the soul of man.’
  ‘I ask not for those thoughts, that sudden leap.’
  ‘I cannot think that thou shouldst pass away.’
  ‘I grieve not that ripe knowledge takes away.’
  ‘I thought our love at full, but I did err.’
  ‘I would not have this perfect love of ours.’
  In Absence.
  Maple, The.
  ‘My Love, I have no fear that thou shouldst die.’
  On an Autumn Sketch of H.G. Wild.

Thanks to the artist, ever on my wall
The sunset stays: that hill in glory rolled,
Those trees and clouds in crimson and in gold,

  On being asked for an Autograph in Venice.
Amid these fragments of heroic days
When thought met deed with mutual passion’s leap,
There sits a Fame whose silent trump makes cheap …

  On reading Wordsworth’s Sonnets in Defence of Capital Punishment.
  ‘Our love is not a fading, earthly flower.’
  Paolo to Francesca.
  Phillips, Wendell.
  Prison of Cervantes.
  Scottish Border.

As sinks the sun behind yon alien hills
Whose heather-purple slopes, in glory rolled,
Flush all my thought with momentary gold, …

  Street, The.
  Sub Pondere crescit.
  ‘There never yet was flower fair in vain.’
  To A.C.L.
  To a Friend.

True as the sun’s own work, but more refined,
It tells of love behind the artist’s eye,
Of sweet companionships with earth and sky,

  To a Lady playing on the Cithern.
  To Fanny Alexander.

Unconscious as the sunshine, simply sweet
And generous as that, thou dost not close
Thyself in art, as life were but a rose

  To J.R. Giddings.
  To M.O.S.
  To M.W., on her Birthday.
  To Miss D.T.

As, cleansed of Tiber’s and Oblivion’s slime,
Glow Farnesina’s vaults with shapes again
That dreamed some exiled artist from his pain

  To the Spirit of Keats.
  To Whittier.

New England’s poet, rich in love as years,
Her hills and valleys praise thee, her swift brooks
Dance in thy verse; to her grave sylvan nooks

  ‘What were I, Love, if I were stripped of thee.’
  Winlock, Joseph.
  With a copy of Aucassin and Nicolete.

Leaves fit to have been poor Juliet’s cradle-rhyme,
With gladness of a heart long quenched in mould
They vibrate still, a nest not yet grown cold

  With an Armchair.
About the oak that framed this chair, of old
The seasons danced their round; delighted wings
Brought music to its boughs; shy woodland things

  Wyman, Jeffries.

Sower, The.

Speech of Honourable Preserved Doe in Secret Caucus.

Standish, Miles, An Interview with.

Stanzas on Freedom.

Street, The.

Studies for Two Heads.

Sub Pondere crescit.

Summer Storm.

If I were the rose at your window,
Happiest rose of its crew, ..

Sunthin’ in the Pastoral Line.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


‘And how could you dream of meeting?’
  Nay, how can you ask me, sweet?
All day my pulse had been beating …

Tempora Mutantur.
The world turns mild; democracy, they say,
Rounds the sharp knobs of character away,
And no great harm, unless at grave expense …

The Beggar.
A beggar through the world am I,
From place to place I wander by.
Fill up my pilgrim’s scrip for me, …

Birdofredum Sawin, Esq., to Mr. Hosea Biglow. (No. I)
Mason And Slidell: A Yankee Idyll (No. II)
Birdofredum Sawin, Esq., to Mr. Hosea Biglow. (No. III)
A Message Of Jeff Davis In Secret Session (No. IV)
Speech Of Honourable Preserved Doe In Secret Caucus (No. V)
Latest Views of Mr. Biglow (No. VII)
Mr. Hosea Biglow to the Editor of the Atlantic Monthly. (No. X)
Mr. Hosea Biglow’s Speech in March Meeting. (No. XI)

The Black Preacher.
At Carnac in Brittany, close on the bay,
They show you a church, or rather the gray
Ribs of a dead one, left there to bleach ….

The Birch-Tree.
Rippling through thy branches goes the sunshine,
Among thy leaves that palpitate forever;
Ovid in thee a pining Nymph had prisoned, …

The Boss.
Skilled to pull wires, he baffles Nature’s hope,
Who sure intended him to stretch a rope.

The Brakes.
What countless years and wealth of brain were spent
To bring us hither from our caves and huts,
And trace through pathless wilds the deep-worn ruts …

The Broken Tryst.
Walking alone where we walked together,
  When June was breezy and blue,
I watch in the gray autumnal weather …

The Captive.
It was past the hour of trysting,
  But she lingered for him still;
Like a child, the eager streamlet …

The Cathedral.
Far through the memory shines a happy day,
Cloudless of care, down-shod to every sense,
And simply perfect from its own resource, …

The Changeling
I had a little daughter,
  And she was given to me
To lead me gently backward …

The Courtin
God makes sech nights, all white an’ still
  Fur ‘z you can look or listen,
Moonshine an’ snow on field an’ hill, …

The Dancing Bear
Far over Elf-land poets stretch their sway,
And win their dearest crowns beyond the goal
Of their own conscious purpose; they control …

The Darkened Mind
The fire is turning clear and blithely,
Pleasantly whistles the winter wind;
We are about thee, thy friends and kindred, …

The Dead House
Here once my step was quickened,
  Here beckoned the opening door,
And welcome thrilled from the threshold …

The Debate in the Sennit

The Discovery
I watched a moorland torrent run
  Down through the rift itself had made,
Golden as honey in the sun, …

 ‘Coscienza fusca
  O della propria o dell’ altrui vergogna
  Pur sentirà la tua parola brusca.’ …



To A.C.L.

To a Friend.

To a Lady playing on the Cithern.
So dreamy-soft the notes, so far away
They seem to fall, the horns of Oberon
Blow their faint Hunt’s-up from the good-time gone; …

To a Pine-Tree.

To C.F. Bradford
The pipe came safe, and welcome too,
As anything must be from you;
A meerschaum pure, ‘twould float as light …

To Charles Eliot Norton.

To H.W.L.
I need not praise the sweetness of his song,
  Where limpid verse to limpid verse succeeds
Smooth as our Charles, when, fearing lest he wrong …

To Holmes.
Dear Wendell, why need count the years
  Since first your genius made me thrill,
If what moved then to smiles or tears, …

To J.R. Giddings.

To John Gorham Palfrey.

To Lamartine.

To M.O.S.

To M.W., on her Birthday.

To Miss D.T.

To Mr. John Bartlett.
Fit for an Abbot of Theleme,
  For the whole Cardinals’ College, or
The Pope himself to see in dream …

To Perdita, singing.

To the Dandelion
Dear common flower, that grow’st beside the way,
Fringing the dusty road with harmless gold,
    First pledge of blithesome May, …

To the Future.

To the Memory of Hood.

To the Past.

To the Spirit of Keats.

To W.L. Garrison.

To Whittier.

Token, The.

Torrey, Charles Turner, On the Death of.


Turner’s Old Téméraire.
Thou wast the fairest of all man-made things;
The breath of heaven bore up thy cloudy wings,
And, patient in their triple rank, …

Two Gunners, The.

Two Scenes from the Life of Blondel.
SCENE I.—Near a castle in Germany.
‘Twere no hard task, perchance, to win
  The popular laurel for my song; …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Under the October Maples.
What mean these banners spread,
These paths with royal red
So gaily carpeted? …

Under the Old Elm.
Words pass as wind, but where great deeds were done
A power abides transfused from sire to son:
The boy feels deeper meanings thrill his ear, …

Under the Willows.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Valentine, A.
Let others wonder what fair face
  Upon their path shall shine,
And, fancying half, half hoping, trace …

Verses, intended to go with a Posset Dish.
In good old times, which means, you know,
The time men wasted long ago,
And we must blame our brains or mood …

Villa Franca.
Wait a little: do we not wait?
Louis Napoleon is not Fate,
Francis Joseph is not Time; …


Voyage to Vinland, The.
Now Biörn, the son of Heriulf, had ill days
Because the heart within him seethed with blood …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Washers of the Shroud, The.
Along a river-side, I know not where,
I walked one night in mystery of dream;
A chill creeps curdling yet beneath my hair, …

What Mr. Robinson thinks.

What Rabbi Jehosha said.
Rabbi Jehosha used to say
That God made angels every day,
Perfect as Michael and the rest …

Whittier, To.

Wild, H.G., On an Autumn Sketch of.

Wind-Harp, The.
I treasure in secret some long, fine hair
  Of tenderest brown, but so inwardly golden
I half used to fancy the sunshine there, …

Winlock, Joseph.

Winter-Evening Hymn to my Fire, A.
Beauty on my hearth-stone blazing!
To-night the triple Zoroaster
Shall my prophet be and master; …

With a Copy of Aucassin and Nicolete.

With a Pair of Gloves lost in a Wager.
We wagered, she for sunshine, I for rain,
And I should hint sharp practice if I dared; …

With a Pressed Flower.

With a Seashell.
Shell, whose lips, than mine more cold,
Might with Dian’s ear make bold,
Seek my Lady’s; if thou win. …

With an Armchair.

Without and Within.

Wordsworth’s Sonnets in Defence of Capital Punishment, On reading.

Wyman, Jeffries.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


Youthful Experiment in English Hexameters, A.
Sometimes come pauses of calm, when the rapt bard, holding his heart back,
Over his deep mind muses, as when o’er awe-stricken ocean
Poises a heapt cloud luridly, ripening the gale and the thunder; …

A stranger came one night to Yussouf’s tent,
Saying, ‘Behold one outcast and in dread,
Against whose life the bow of power is bent, ….

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Z


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