The Duel by Alexander Kuprin

Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryAlexander Kuprin – The Duel – Contents

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Chapter XXIII

June 2, 18—.

To his Excellency the Colonel and Commander of the—th Infantry Regiment from Ditz, Staff-Captain of the same regiment.


Herewith allow me respectfully to report to your Excellency that the duel between Lieutenant Nikoläiev and Sub-lieutenant Romashov took place to-day, according to the conditions settled by you on the 1st inst.

The two adversaries met at 5.55 a.m. in the wood called “Oakwood,” situated three and a quarter versts beyond the town. The duel was decided in the space of one minute ten seconds, including the time for placing the parties and giving the signal. The places taken by the duellists were determined by lot. When the command “Forward” was given the fight began. As the two officers approached each other, a shot from Lieutenant Nikoläiev struck Sub-lieutenant Romashov high on the right side. After this Lieutenant Nikoläiev stopped to await his adversary’s bullet, but, after the lapse of half a minute, it was evident that Sub-lieutenant Romashov was not in a condition to return the shot, by reason of which Sub-lieutenant Romashov’s seconds declared the duel was ended, as to which other witnesses were agreed. Sub-lieutenant Romashov, on being carried to his carriage, fell into a deep swoon, and died in five minutes through internal hæmorrhage.

The seconds on Lieutenant Nikoläiev’s side were the undersigned and Lieutenant Vasin; on Sub-lieutenant Romashov’s, Lieutenants Biek-Agamalov and Viätkin. The further arrangements for the duel were, by general agreement, made by me.

A certificate from Dr. Znoiko is enclosed herein.


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Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryAlexander Kuprin – The Duel – Contents

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