Фёдор Достоевский — Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Fédor Dostoïevski

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Русская литератураРусские стихиДетские книги – Федор Достоевский

На Русском языке


Преступление и Наказание

In English

Russian LiteratureRussian poetryChildren’s book – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A Christmas Tree and a Wedding (Short Story)

A Faint Heart (Short Story)

A Little Hero (Short Story)

A Novel in Nine Letters (Short Story)

An Honest Thief (Short Stories)

An Unpleasant Predicament (Short Story)

Another Man’s Wife or The Husband Under The Bed (Short Story)

Bobok (Short Story)

Crime and Punishment

Mr. Prohartchin (Short Story)

Notes from the Underground

Polzunkov (Short Story)

Poor People

The Brothers Karamazov

The Crocodile (Short Story)

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man (Short Story)

The Gambler

The Grand Inquisitor

The Heavenly Christmas Tree (Short Story)

The house of the Dead

The Idiot

The Peasant Marey (Short Story)

The Permanent Husband

The possessed

Stavrogin’s confession and The plan of the life of a great sinner (unpublished chapters of Dostoevsky’s novel The Possessed, and Dostoevsky’s plan or sketch of a novel which he never actually wrote but which he called The Life of a Great Sinner)

Uncle’s Dream

White Nights

En Français

Littérature russePoésie russeLivre pour enfants – Fédor Dostoïevski

Carnet d’un Inconnu

Crime et Châtiments


Les possédés

Roman en Neuf Lettres

Souvenirs de la maison des morts


Читайте: Бедные люди (Ан)

Читайте: Братья Карамазовы (Ан)

Читайте: Бесы (Ан)

Читайте: Идиот. Роман Федора Достоевского (ФР)

Bilingual Russian / English

Read: The Brothers Karamazov

Read: Demons

Read: Poor People

Bilingual French / English


Bilingue Russe / Français

Lire: L’Idiot de Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Bilingue Anglais / Français

Lire: Crime et Châtiment

Pushkin's farewell to the sea. 1877 painted by Repin

Русская литератураРусские стихиДетские книги – Федор Достоевский

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