Discover the painting “Among The Waves” by Ivan Aivazovsky

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“Among the Waves” is one of Aivazovsky’s most spectacular paintings which depicts a sea storm at night. This painting is considered the height of the skill of the marine painter because it is difficult to imagine a more difficult task than the image of a huge water column that occupies the main part of the painting.

“Among the Waves” is a painting of impressive scale measuring 285 X 429 cm, and its size emphasizes the immensity, and natural power of the sea during a storm. Maybe because of its size it was not painted in his workshop, but instead Ivan Aivazovsky painted “Among the Waves” in the art gallery of Feodosia where it remains today. Actually, the canvas was not exhibited anywhere else and never left Feodosia. 

“Among the Waves” is a continuation of a separate work called “The Black Sea” which was painted in 1881.

If you look at the painting from different angles, the level of foam and the height of the shafts appear to change.

Among the waves (Среди волн) by Ivan Aivazovsky (Иван Айвазовский)
Among the waves (Среди волн) by Ivan Aivazovsky (Иван Айвазовский) – 1898

Author: Ivan Aivazovsky (Иван Айвазовский) / Name: Among the waves (Среди волн) / Art form: Painting / Style of art: Romanticism / Genre: Marine / Technique: Oil / Material: Canvas / Date of creation: 1898 / Size: 284 X 429 cm / Location: Feodosia Art Gallery (named after I. K. Aivazovsky)

Aivazovsky was already 81 yeas old when he painted the canvas “Among the Waves” in 1898, and despite his age he created the painting in just 10 days.

At first he painted a small boat with sailors who were able to escape from a sinking ship in the center of the canvas but after a conversation with an experienced naval he removed it. Aivazovsky was a painter always striving for maximum realism and truthfulness of his works and the naval officer had remarked that such a small boat would not have withstood the onslaught of such waves and would have sunken. ecume

To create the canvas, a wide range lights colors, as well as rich, deep tones, was used.  The result thanks to an incredibly skillfully selected shades of colors is that the water seems transparent and moving. This is one of the most accurate and realistic artistic depictions of the sea during a storm.

On the canvas you can see an stormy sea rolling in gusts of wind, foam and the silvery light of the moon and stars which you cannot see. A thin strip of grayish-blue color on the left separates the stormy sea from a dark and cloudy sky.

The painting show us all the beauty and strength of a storming sea allowing the viewer to enjoy it without any third-party objects and distracting details.

I hope you enjoyed this painting as much as I did,

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