Read the poem: “Mist and Rain”

by Charles Baudelaire

Extract of The Flowers of Evil

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American LiteratureAmerican PoetryCharles Baudelaire
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Mist and Rain

Autumns and winters, springs of mire and rain,
Seasons of sleep, I sing your praises loud,
For thus I love to wrap my heart and brain
In some dim tomb beneath a vapoury shroud

In the wide plain where revels the cold wind,
Through long nights when the weathercock whirls round,
More free than in warm summer day my mind
Lifts wide her raven pinions from the ground.

Unto a heart filled with funereal things
That since old days hoar frosts have gathered on,
Naught is more sweet, O pallid, queenly springs,

Than the long pageant of your shadows wan,
Unless it be on moonless eves to weep
On some chance bed and rock our griefs to sleep.

Translated by F. P. Sturm

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American LiteratureAmerican PoetryCharles Baudelaire

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