Fables for Children By Leo Tolstoy

Russian Literature – Children Books – Russian Poetry – Leo Tolstoy – Fables for Children – Contents

Æsop’s Fables

The Ant And The Dove
The Turtle And The Eagle
The Polecat
The Lion And The Mouse
The Liar
The Ass And The Horse
The Jackdaw And The Doves
The Woman And The Hen
The Lion, The Bear, And The Fox
The Dog, The Cock, And The Fox
The Horse And The Groom
The Frog And The Lion
The Grasshopper And The Ants
The Hen And The Golden Eggs
The Ass In The Lion’s Skin
The Hen And The Swallow
The Stag And The Fawn
The Fox And The Grapes
The Maids And The Cock
The Fisherman And The Fish
The Fox And The Goat
The Dog And Her Shadow
The Crane And The Stork
The Gardener And His Sons
The Wolf And The Crane
The Hares And The Frogs
The Father And His Sons
The Fox
The Wild Ass And The Tame Ass
The Stag
The Dog And The Wolf
The Gnat And The Lion
The Horse And His Masters
The Old Man And Death
The Lion And The Fox
The Stag And The Vineyard
The Cat And The Mice
The Wolf And The Goat
The Reeds And The Olive-Tree
The Two Companions
The Wolf And The Lamb
The Lion, The Wolf, And The Fox
The Lion, The Ass, And The Fox
The Peasant And The Water-Sprite
The Raven And The Fox

Adaptations And Imitations Of Hindoo Fables

The Snake’s Head And Tail
Fine Thread
The Partition Of The Inheritance
The Monkey
The Monkey And The Pease
The Milch Cow
The Duck And The Moon
The Wolf In The Dust
The Mouse Under The Granary
The Best Pears
The Falcon And The Cock
The Jackals And The Elephant
The Heron, The Fishes, And The Crab
The Water-Sprite And The Pearl
The Blind Man And The Milk
The Wolf And The Bow
The Birds In The Net
The King And The Falcon
The King And The Elephants
Why There Is Evil In The World
The Wolf And The Hunters
The Two Peasants
The Peasant And The Horse
The Two Horses
The Axe And The Saw
The Dogs And The Cook
The Hare And The Harrier
The Oak And The Hazelbush
The Hen And The Chicks
The Corn-Crake And His Mate
The Cow And The Billy Goat
The Fox’s Tail

Stories For Children 1869-1872

The Foundling
The Peasant And The Cucumbers
The Fire
The Old Horse
How I Learned To Ride
The Willow
Búlka And The Wild Boar
Milton And Búlka
The Turtle
Búlka And The Wolf
What Happened To Búlka In Pyatigórsk
Búlka’s And Milton’s End
The Gray Hare
God Sees The Truth, But Does Not Tell At Once
Hunting Worse Than Slavery

Stories From Physics

The Magnet
The Different Connection Of Particles
Injurious Air
How Balloons Are Made
The Sun’s Heat

Stories From Zoology

The Owl And The Hare
How The Wolves Teach Their Whelps
Hares And Wolves
The Scent
Touch And Sight
The Silkworm

Stories From Botany

The Apple-Tree
The Old Poplar
The Bird-Cherry
How Trees Walk

Texts For Chapbook Illustrations 1885

The Fiend Persists, But God Resists
Little Girls Wiser Than Old People
The Two Brothers And The Gold
A Fairy-Tale

Russian Literature – Children Books – Russian Poetry – Leo Tolstoy – Fables for Children – Contents

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