Site Progress Week of December 15, 2022

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This week I continued to work in the children section. I posted many fairy tales from Boris Shergin and Konstantin Paustovsky in Russian. I’ll just name a few: Вода из реки Лимпопо, Робкое сердце, Старый повар, Пойга и Лиса, Золоченые лбы … There are a lot more on the authors page or on the Soviet tales page. They are not linked together yet since I am still adding to them.

Also in the children section but in French this time, I posted the Fables of La Fontaines. There is 12 books of them so that is a lot of fables linked together and with pictures on every page. I’ll also name a few well-known: LA CIGALE ET LA FOURMI. , LE RAT DE VILLE ET LE RAT DES CHAMPS. , LA POULE AUX ŒUFS D’OR.

And again in the children section but bilingual French/Russian this time the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood also with pictures.

I also added a book from Alexandre Dumas “The nutcracker” in our French Literature page (in French). It goes very well with Christmas. I couldn’t find it in English (Yes it exist but still copyrighted) so I might just translate it myself when I get a bit of time

The articles this week were about the painting “Sirin and Alkonost – Birds of Sorrow and Joy” from Vasnetsov Saturday, and the verse translation of: “Russia cannot be understood with the mind” by Fedor Tyutchev, translated and analyzed on Tuesday.

I hope you’ll find something to enjoy

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