Poem “Angel” by Alexander Pushkin

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The poem “Angel” was written in 1827 by Alexander Pushkin who had a strong passion for many women. He met E. K. Vorontsova who reciprocates his courtship during his Southern exile. This punishment had been hard for him but love has a beneficial effect on the exile. Pushkin seems to be awakening again to life and activity. 

This poem was created after Pushkin had been apart from his beloved for already three years and cannot be considered the result of a sudden spiritual impulse. The poet had enough time to seriously reflect on his passion and all its consequences. 

Vorontsova helped Pushkin survive the bitterness of punishment and his spiritual rebirth. The poet, who already idolized women, sees in his beloved a real angel who saved him from the hellish abyss.  

Alexander Pushkin
Alexander Pushkin
В дверях эдема ангел нежный
Главой поникшею сиял,
А демон мрачный и мятежный
Над адской бездною летал.
At the gates of Eden, a gentle angel,
shone with his softly drooped head,
and Demon, gloomy and resentful
over the hellish crevasse flapped.
Дух отрицанья, дух сомненья
На духа чистого взирал
И жар невольный умиленья
Впервые смутно познавал.
The spirit of qualm and negation
contemplated another one – of good,
and fire of the forced elation
first time he vaguely understood.
“Прости,- он рек,- тебя я видел,
И ты недаром мне сиял:
Не все я в небе ненавидел,
Не все я в мире презирал”.
“I’ve seen you,” he enunciated, –
“And not in vain you’ve sent me light:
Not all in heaven I have hated,
not all in world I have despised.”
А. Пушкин. Полное собрание сочинений. Москва, Библиотека “Огонек”, изд-во “Правда”, 1954.A. Pushkin. The complete works. Moscow, Ogonek Library, Pravda Publishing House, 1954.

I hope you enjoyed this poem.

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