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This poem written during the Great Patriotic War by A. Akhmatova speaks of today as much as it did of this period. “Courage is about the need to preserve Russian culture and language and I believe that her words are important to all of us, as well as our different cultures and languages.

Analysis of the poem “Courage” by Akhmatova

A. Akhmatova had very difficult life and directly witnessed many turning points in the Russian history. She did not accept the revolution but refuse to leave her country. Her work was not recognize by the Soviet government and was subjected to fierce criticism. 

During the evacuation, due to the Great Patriotic War Akhmatova began to work on the creation of the patriotic cycle “Winds of War”, which includes the poem “Courage” in 1941.

In this poem, she emphasizes that physical deprivation and suffering are nothing compared to the loss of cultural heritage which the Nazis sought to destroy understanding their importance. 

She thought that the writers and poets had to preserve the “Russian speech” and “The Great Russian Word” and pass it on to future generations, no matter what they had to endure.

She was sure that the rich Russian culture should help the people survive which had been proven time and time again in the past and would certainly be repeated in the future, as it is now. 

For her, the greatness of a country is determined not by the level of its economic or political development, but by the presence of a special spiritual power. This strength, reinforced by the courage of people, is the powerful foundation of the people, which cannot be crushed.

Анна Ахматова — Мужество: СтихAnna Akhmatova – Courage: Verse
Мы знаем, что ныне лежит на весах
И что совершается ныне.
Час мужества пробил на наших часах,
И мужество нас не покинет.
We know what is now on the scales
And what is happening now.
The hour of courage has struck on our watches,
And courage will not leave us.
Не страшно под пулями мертвыми лечь,
Не горько остаться без крова,
И мы сохраним тебя, русская речь,
Великое русское слово.
It’s not scary to lie dead under the bullets,
It’s not bitter to without shelter,
And we will save you, Russian speech,
Great Russian word.
Свободным и чистым тебя пронесем,

И внукам дадим, и от плена спасем

We will carry you free and clean,

And we will give you to our grandchildren, and save you from captivity


I hope you enjoyed this poem

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