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Today, I translated and made a short analysis of the short poem “Happy is the one, who is chosen willfully” from Alexander Pushkin.

Счастлив, кто избран своенравно
Александра Пушкина
Pushkin A. S. – Happy is the one, who is chosen willfully…
Счастлив, кто избран своенравноHappy is the one, who is chosen willfully
Твоей тоскливою мечтой,In your dreary dream,
При ком любовью млеешь явно,With whom you are clearly in love,
Чьи взоры властвуют тобой;Whose gaze rules you;
Но жалок тот, кто молчаливо,But pitiful is the one who silently,
Сгорая пламенем любви,Burning with the flame of love,
Потупя голову, ревнивоLowering his head jealously,
Признанья слушает твои.Listens to your confessions.
1828 гtranslated by Bayard Barbara

Short analysis

In the beginning of the poem Pushkin tell us that the person you love and chose for yourself because you yearned love is an happy one.

When this person with whom you are clearly in love looks at you, you become embarrassed and cannot talk normally. You start stumbling in conversation, saying nonsense because you like this person very much. At the same time, his/her regard also gives you a lot of reasons to think and reflect, stimulating your dreams about him/her.

But this person who loves silently, so that no one would notice because he/she is scared of looking stupid; This silent person looks pathetic and simply burns out unnoticed by others in the flame of his/her love.

This person who listens to your confessions does not understand everything about what you are telling him/her, but is secretly jealous of your love for another and listening to you this person admits that you do not love him/her

I hope you enjoyed this poem as much as I did

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