Alexander Pushkin – I remember the sea before the storm in Russian and English

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Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (Пушкин. Александр Сергеевич) born on June 6 (may 26) 1799 in Moscow published his first poem at the age of 15 and is considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of the modern Russian literary language.

Александр Пушкин — Я помню море пред грозою: СтихAlexander Pushkin – I remember the sea before the storm: Verse
Pushkin's farewell to the sea. 1877 painted by Repin
Pushkin’s farewell to the sea. 1877 painted by Repin
Я помню море пред грозою:I remember the sea before a thunderstorm:
Как я завидовал волнам,How I envied the waves
Бегущим бурной чередою

С любовью лечь к ее ногам!
Running in a stormy succession

Laying down at her feet with love!
Как я желал тогда с волнамиHow I longed then with the waves
Коснуться милых ног устами!To touch her dear feet with my lips!
Нет, никогда средь пылких днейNo, never in the midst of the ardent days
Кипящей младости моейof my Boiling youth
Я не желал с таким мученьемI did not want with such torment
Лобзать уста младых Армид,To kiss the lips of the young Armides,
Иль розы пламенных ланит,Or the roses of fiery cheeks,
Иль перси, полные томленьем;Or a breast full of languor;
Нет, никогда порыв страстейNo, never did a rush of passions
Так не терзал души моей!so tormented my soul!
translated by Bayard Barbara

перси: -устаревшее слово, сейчас не используется и означает грудь, передняя часть тела, от шеи до живота.

перси is an outdated word that is not used now and means chest, front of the body, from neck to abdomen.

Visit this page and find the meaning of all obsolete Russian Words: Obsolete Russian Words and their meaning , more will be added as we continue to translate poems.

Pushkin Alexander by Sokolov
Pushkin Alexander by Sokolov

I hope you enjoyed this poem as much as I did

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