Site Progress Week of March 23, 2023

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This week, I corrected the links of the book by Борис Житков (Boris Zhitkov) — Что я видел: Рассказ (What I saw: A story), in Russian.

I added more conjugated Russian verbs on the Private Russian Couses, I’ll add the links to the other part when I finish, which will take a while, then I ran everywhere our trams are in strikes, and protest are stopping those which work in half the city …

I also continue my traduction of “Casse Noisette” by Alexandre Dumas in English which is past half of the book finally. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon.

This week our article was about the painting “The Black Sea” by Ivan Aivazovsky.

The Black Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky
The Black Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

I hope you’ll find something to enjoy

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