Read the poem “Gypsies Traveling” by Charles Baudelaire in English and French side by side

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Today to change a bit, I used a french poem by Charles Baudelaire, and for painting I added “The Vladimir’s Road” (Vladimirka) painted in 1892 by Isaac Levitan.

Enjoy your reading

Bohémiens en VoyageGypsies Travelling
Les Fleurs du Mal
par Charles Baudelaire
(The Flowers of Evil Translated by F. P. Sturm)
Vladimirka - The Vladimir's Road - 1892 - by Isaac  Levitan
Vladimirka – The Vladimir’s Road – 1892 – by Isaac Levitan
La tribu prophétique aux prunelles ardentesThe tribe prophetic with the eyes of fire
Hier s’est mise en route, emportant ses petits Went forth last night; their little ones at rest
Sur son dos, ou livrant à leurs fiers appétitsEach on his mother’s back, with his desire
Le trésor toujours prêt des mamelles pendantes.Set on the ready treasure of her breast.
Les hommes vont à pied sous leurs armes luisantesLaden with shining arms the men-folk tread
Le long des chariots où les leurs sont blottis,By the long wagons where their goods lie hidden;
Promenant sur le ciel des yeux appesantisThey watch the heaven with eyes grown wearied
Par le morne regret des chimères absentes.Of hopeless dreams that come to them unbidden.
Du fond de son réduit sablonneux, le grillon,The grasshopper, from out his sandy screen,
Les regardant passer, redouble sa chanson;Watching them pass redoubles his shrill song;
Cybèle, qui les aime, augmente ses verdures,Dian, who loves them, makes the grass more green,
Fait couler le rocher et fleurir le désertAnd makes the rock run water for this throng
Devant ces voyageurs, pour lesquels est ouvertOf ever-wandering ones whose calm eyes see
L’empire familier des ténèbres futures.Familiar realms of darkness yet to be.

I hope you enjoyed this poem as much as I did.

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