The Duel by Alexander Kuprin

Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryAlexander Kuprin – The Duel – Contents

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[1] The Lezghins are among the medley of mountain tribes living in Daghestan and part of the Terek province. These mountaineers of the Eastern Caucasus are nearly all Sun’i Mohammedans.

[2] One of Russia’s bravest and greatest generals in the war with Napoleon, 1812.

[3] Roman Catholic priests are so called in Lithuania and Poland.

[4] Schtoss is a sort of Russian hazard.

[5] Yuri = George.

[6] Roubashka (blouse).

[7] The official newspaper of the Russian Army.

[8] Professional floor-polisher.

[9] A town and “government” in East Russia.

[10] Corresponds to the Swedish smörgåsbord, and consists of a number of cold dishes and delicacies.

[11] A national dish in Russia, consisting of a sort of buckwheat porridge baked in the oven in fire-proof earthen vessels, which are put on the table.

[12] In the time of Nicholas, sons of soldiers quartered or garrisoned in certain districts. They were liable to be called on to serve.

[13] An old Slavonic character (l’schiza), only occurring in the Russian Bible and Ritual.

[14] Nickname for Little Russians on account of their curious habit of cutting and fashioning their hair into a tuft (khokhol) on the crown.

[15] An affectionate diminutive of George.

[16] Sliva is the Russian for plum.

[17] Arshin = 2·33 feet.

[18] Pet name for Alexandra.

[19] A light jacket worn in the hot weather.

[20] The name given to Ivan the Terrible’s lifeguards and executioners.

[21] Chinóvnik, Russian word for official.

[22] Ivan Milostivni, one of the innumerable saints of the Greek Church.

[23] The allusion is to the double eagle in the arms of Russia.

[24] Vobla is a kind of fish of the size of Prussian carp, and is caught in the Volga.

[25] Au revoir.

[26] Untranslatable pun on the two last syllables of svidánia; Dania means Denmark, Schvezia, Sweden.

< < < Chapter XXIII
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Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryAlexander Kuprin – The Duel – Contents

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