Krylov and his fables

Russian Fable

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Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. Krylov – Contents


The Two Peasants
The Education Of The Lion
The Brook
The Miller
The Grandee
The Wolf In The Kennel
The Three Moujiks
The Division
The Crow And The Hen
The Pebble And The Diamond
The Miser
The Pike And The Cat
The Ass And The Nightingale
The Hop-Plant
Trishka’s Caftan
The Elephant As Governor
The Poor Man Enriched
The Quartette
The Inquisitive Man
The Cook And The Cat
The Musicians
The Peasant And The Labourer
The Bear Among The Bees
The Horse And The Dog
Demian’s Fish Soup
The Wolves And The Sheep
The Man And His Shadow
The Wolf And Its Cub
The Dancing Fish
The Pike
The Geese
The Lion And The Panther
The Comb
The Author And The Robber
The Hind And The Dervish
Canine Friendship
The Cuckoo And The Cock
The Peasants And The River
The Bag
Fortune And The Beggar
The Cuckoo And The Eagle
The Ass
The Landlord And The Mice
The Peasant And The Sheep
The Razors
The Monkey And The Mirror
The Elephant In Favour
The Wolf And The Mouse
The Peasant In Trouble
The Sword-Blade
The Rain-Cloud
The Whisk
The Eagle And The Spider
The Merchant
The Pig
The Fox In The Ice
The Wolf And The Fox
The Owl And The Ass
The Monkey And The Spectacles
The Elephant And The Pug-Dog
The Industrious Bear
The Fox As Architect
Fortune’s Visit
The Lion, The Chamois, And The Fox
The Oracle
The Ass And The Peasant
The Sheep And The Dogs
The String Of Carts
The Divers
The Trigamist
The Cuckoo And The Turtle-Dove
The Leaves And The Roots
The Wolf And The Cuckoo
The Impious
The Fox And The Marmot
The Peasant And The Robber
The Ant
The Slanderer And The Snake
The Two Dogs
The Stone And The Worm
The Kite
The Squirrel In Service
The Peasant And The Axe
The Squirrel And The Thrush
The Ass And Jupiter
The Cat And The Nightingale
The Peasant And The Horse
The Gnat And The Shepherd
The Wolf And The Cat
The Cannon And The Sails
The Eagle And The Bee
The Lion

Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. Krylov – Contents

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