“Miron”, Fable by Ivan. A. Krylov

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THERE lived in a certain city a rich man, named Miron. Against this rich man arose complaints from his neighbours on all sides. And the neighbours were so far right that, although he had millions in his strong box, he never gave a copeck to the poor.

But who is there who does not like to gain a good reputation ? In order to give a different turn to the conversation about him, our Miron made it publicly known among the people, that in future he meant to give away food to the needy every Saturday. And, indeed, any one who passed his house, at the end of the week, could see that his gates were not closed.

” Poor fellow ! ” they think, ” he will be utterly ruined.”

But of that there was no fear; for, every Saturday, he unchained a number of ferocious dogs, so that it was not a question with the poor who visited him of eating or of drinking, but simply of escaping, if Heaven willed it, with a whole skin.

In the meantime, Miron was looked upon as almost a saint. Every one said, “One can’t sufficiently admire Miron; only it ‘s a pity that he keeps such savage dogs, and that it ‘s so difficult to get at him : otherwise, he is ready to give away all he has, even to the uttermost copeck.”

It has often occurred to me to see how hard of access are the palaces of great people. But, of course, the fault is not due to the Mirons. It is always the dogs who are to blame.

< < < The Fox In The Ice
The Wolf And The Fox > > >

Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. KrylovContents

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