“The Ass”, Fable by Ivan. A. Krylov

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The Ass

A PEASANT had an Ass which seemed to behave itself so discreetly that he could not praise it too highly.

But, in order that it might not get lost in the forest, our peasant tied a bell round its neck. On this our Ass, who had evidently heard a great deal of talk about decorations, became puffed up, began to grow proud and conceited, and looked upon itself as a very important gentleman.

But its new rank proved ruinous to the Ass, poor thing ! — a fact which may serve as a lesson for others besides asses. I ought to tell you beforehand that the Ass was never over-honest ; but until it got its bell everything went smoothly with it. If it made its way into a field of rye or oats, or into a garden, it ate what it wanted, and then got out again quietly.

But now it is a very different story with him. Whenever our illustrious gentleman trespasses, the bell which now adorns his neck goes with him, and rings an incessant peal. Everyone looks out to see what it is. Here, one man, seizing a bludgeon, drives our poor beast out of his rye-field or his garden ; and there, another, who owns a field of oats, no sooner hears the sound of the bell, than he catches up a stake, and begins thrashing the unfortunate animal’s flanks. So that by the autumn our poor grandee is half dead : the Ass has nothing left but skin and bone.

In the same way among men, also, rank proves injurious to rogues. As long as a rogue’s position is humble, he is not remarked. But a lofty rank is, to a rogue, as it were a bell round his neck. Its noise is loud, and may be heard afar off


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Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. KrylovContents

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