“The Peasant In Trouble”, Fable by Ivan. A. Krylov

Russian Fable

Krylov and his fables

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The Peasant In Trouble

A THIEF crept into a Peasant’s house one autumn night, and, betaking himself to the store-room,* rummaged the walls, the shelves, and the ceiling, and stole, without remorse, all he could lay his hands on. So that our Moujik, poor fellow, who had lain down a rich man, woke up so bereft of everything, that a beggar’s sack seemed the only resource left him in the world. Heaven grant that none of us may ever know a similar waking ! The Peasant weeps and wails, and calls together his friends and relatives, his gossips, and all his neighbours.

” Can’t you help me in my trouble ? ” he asks.

Then each begins to address the Peasant, and favours him with sage advice.

Says his gossip Karpich, ” Ah, my light ! you shouldn’t have gone boasting to all the world that you were so rich.”

Says his gossip Klimich, ” In future, my dear gossip, you must take care to have the store-room close to the room you sleep in.”

“Ah, brothers, you’re all in the wrong,” exclaims his neighbour Phocas. “The fault wasn’t in the store-room being at a distance. What you must do is to keep some fierce dogs in your yard. Take whichever you please of my Jouchka’s puppies. I would far rather cordially make a present of them to a good neighbour than drown them.”

And thus, as far as words went, his loving friends and relatives gave him a thousand excellent pieces of advice, each according to his power; but when it came to deeds, not one of them would help the poor fellow.

* The Kliet is sort of general store-room, serving the purposes of a larder, a clothe i-press, &c.

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Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. KrylovContents

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