“The String Of Carts”, Fable by Ivan. A. Krylov

Russian Fable

Krylov and his fables

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The String Of Carts

A NUMBER of Carts, laden with pottery, were going along in a string, and had to descend a steep hill.

Having left the others to wait a little on the top of the hill, the owner began very cautiously to lead down the first cart.

The good horse which drew it almost supported the weight on its croup, not allowing it to roll down too fast. But a young Horse up on top took to blaming the poor animal for every step it made :

” Ah, praiseworthy animal ! how wonderful ! Just see, it crawls like a crab. See there, it has almost stumbled over a stone ! Look how awry, how askew, are its movements ! Ah ! it ‘s bolder now. There ‘s a jostle again ! Only here you ought to have gone a little more to the left. Oh, what a donkey ! It would be all very well if this were night, or it it were going uphill. But now it is going downhill, and by daylight. One loses all patience while watching it. Really it ‘s a water-carrier you ought to be, if you have no sense in you. But just look at us ! — see how we will dash along. Never fear for us ; we wont lose a moment : we shall not so much carry our loads as whirl them down.”

With these words, straining its back and inflating its chest, the young Horse sets its load in motion. But no sooner does it commence the descent than the weight begins to press upon it heavily, the Cart to roll rapidly. The Horse, urged on from behind, and thrust from side to side, dashes on splendidly at a gallop. Over stones, across gullies, went the Cart amid shocks and boundings. More to the left — still to the left, till at last the Cart and its load goes headlong into the ditch with a crash ! Farewell to the master’s crockery.

[This fable alludes to the criticisms evoked by Kutuzof’s unwillingness to precipitate matters in dealing with Napoleon. When he refused to fight under the walls of Moscow, the people began to clamour against him, as they had done against Barclay de Tolly ; and the younger officers under his command were especially indignant with him. But Krilof took his part throughout.]

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The Divers > > >

Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. KrylovContents

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