“The Three Moujiks”, Fable by Ivan. A. Krylov

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The Three Moujiks

THREE Moujiks [1] stopped at a village to pass the night. They had done their business at Petersburg as drivers ; had sometimes worked, and sometimes amused themselves ; and were now going back to their native place. As a Moujik does not like to go to bed empty, our visitors asked for supper. But villagers have no variety of dishes. They set on the table before the hungry travellers a basin of cabbage soup, some bread, and the remains of a bowl of porridge.

It wasn’t like Petersburg fare, but there was no use in talking about that ; at all events, it was better than going to bed hungry. So the Moujiks crossed themselves, and sat down to table. Then the one who was the sharpest of them, seeing that there was altogether but little for three, perceived how the business might be mended. When force can’t win the day, a little cunning must be tried.

” Comrades,” he cries, ” you know Thomas ; well, he ‘s likely to have his hair cropped ” during this levy.”

” What levy ? ”

” Why, there ‘s news of a war mth China. Our father + has ordered the Chinese to pay a tribute of tea.”

On that the two others took to weighing the matter, and deliberating upon it (unfortunately they could read, and had studied newspapers and reports), as to how the war would be carried on, and who should have the command. Our friends began a regular discussion, surmised, explained, wrangled.

That was just what our trickster wanted. While they were giving their advice, and settling affairs, and arranging the forces, he didn’t say a word, but ate up the whole of the soup and the porridge.


1 Peasants

*To be taken as a soldier.
t The Emperor.

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Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. KrylovContents

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