“The Wolf In The Kennel”, Fable by Ivan. A. Krylov

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The Wolf In The Kennel

A WOLF, one night, thinking to climb into a sheepfold, fell into a kennel. Immediately the whole kennel was up in arms. The dogs, scenting the grisly disturber so near at hand, began to bark in their quarters, and to tear out to the fight.

” Hallo, lads, a thief!” cried the keepers; and immediately the gates were shut. In a moment the kennel became a hell.

Men come running, one armed with a club, another with a gun. ” Lights !” they cry; “bring lights !” The lights being brought, our Wolf is seen sitting squeezed up in the furthest comer, gnashing its teeth, its hide bristling, and its eyes locking as if it would fain eat up the whole party. Seeing, however, that it is not now in the presence of the flock, and that it is now called upon to pay the penalty for the sheep it has killed, my trickster resorts to negotiation, beginning thus :

” Friends, what is all this fuss about ? I am your ancient gossip and comrade ; and I have come here to contract an alliance with you — not with the slightest intention of quarrelling. Let us forget the past, and declare in favour of mutual harmony. Not only will I for the future avoid touching the flocks belonging to this spot, but I will gladly fight in their behalf against others ; and I swear on the word of a Wolf that I ——”

” Listen, neighbour,” here interrupted the huntsman. ” You are grey-coated ; but I, friend, am grey-headed, and I have long known what your wolfish natures are like, and therefore it is my custom never to make peace with wolves until I have torn their skin from off their backs.”

With that he let go the pack of hounds on the Wolf


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The Three Moujiks > > >

Russian LiteratureChildren BooksRussian PoetryIvan. A. KrylovContents

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