Site Progress Week of January 26, 2023

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This week I updated the progress of the site page which I forgot to do for quite a while…

I added Le coup de Pistolet d’Alexandre Pouchkine , En Mer de Guy de Maupassant , Les Prisonniers de Guy de Maupassant in French in the children’s section and created the page Les Contes de Mérimée

Also in the Children’s section I added The Prince and the Pauper (illustrated) , as well as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Illustrated), both by by Mark Twain and in English

To answer a few questions that I read every now and then. I do all the design of the site myself as well as most of the translation. Before writing any article in the blog, I do quite a lot of research, so yes every article takes a lot of time, and there are some that I still didn’t succeed in finishing…

The last article was : Discover the 2 beautiful paintings of “Peasant Girls in the Forest” by Alexey Ivanovich Korzukhin.

I hope you’ll find something to enjoy

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