Read the poem “A Tempest” by Emily Dickinson in English and French side by side

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I do not know why, but the word tempest always make me think of the sea, so today I included the painting “Strong Wind” painted by the Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky in 1856.

A tempestUne tempête
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Strong Wind by Ivan Aivazovsky - 1856
Strong Wind by Ivan Aivazovsky – 1856
An awful tempest mashed the air,Une terrible tempête a écrasé l’air,
The clouds were gaunt and few;Les nuages ​​étaient décharnés et peu nombreux;
A black, as of a spectre’s cloak,Un noir, comme un manteau d’un spectre,
Hid heaven and earth from view.Caché le ciel et la terre du regard.
The creatures chuckled on the roofsLes créatures riaient sur les toits
And whistled in the air,Et sifflaient dans l’air,
And shook their fists and gnashed their teeth.Et agitaient leurs poings et grinçaient des dents.
And swung their frenzied hair.Et balançaient leurs cheveux frénétiques.
The morning lit, the birds arose;Le matin s’illumina, les oiseaux se levèrent ;
The monster’s faded eyesLes yeux fanés du monstre
Turned slowly to his native coast,Tourné lentement vers sa côte natale,
And peace was Paradise!Et la paix était le Paradis !

I hope you enjoyed this poem as much as I did.

If you want more poems from this author, you can visit her page.

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