Baudelaire Read the poem: “Ideal Love”

by Charles Baudelaire

Extract of The Flowers of Evil

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American LiteratureAmerican PoetryCharles Baudelaire
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Ideal Love

No, never can these frail ephemeral creatures,
The withered offspring of a worthless age,
These buskined limbs, these false and painted features,
The hunger of a heart like mine assuage.

Leave to the laureate of sickly posies
Gavami’s hospital sylphs, a simpering choir!
Vainly I seek among those pallid roses
One blossom that allures my red desire.

Thou with my soul’s abysmal dreams be blended,
Lady Macbeth, in crime superb and splendid,
A dream of Æschylus flowered in cold eclipse

Of Northern suns! Thou, Night, inspire my passion,
Calm child of Angelo, coiling in strange fashion
Thy large limbs moulded for a Titan’s lips!

Translated by W. J. Robertson

< < < Hymn to Beauty
Ill Luck > > >

American LiteratureAmerican PoetryCharles Baudelaire

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