Site Progress Week of February 23, 2023

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This week I continued publishing books and stories from Mark Twain in English. Here are a few of them: How to Tell A Story, Wit Inspirations of The ” Two-Years-Olds”, An Entertaining Article, The Five Boons of Life, The Danger of Lying in Bed, Mental Telegraphy, Playing Courier, The German Chicago

I created the page Alexander Pushkin (Александр Пушкин), where you can find his tales and poems in Russian, I also added some new tales always from Pushkin and in Russian: Жених, Красавице, которая нюхала , Песнь о вещем Олеге, Сказка о Рыбаке и Рыбке

I translated in English Nevsky Prospekt by Gogol and added it to our bilingual collection (French/English)

I also created the pages What are the advantages of our subscription, Quels sont les avantages de notre abonnement, and Bilingual books available with subscription

Yes there are also many bilingual books without subscriptions, as well as poems. The books with subscriptions are cut into smaller part, and very close or translated. I will add more in both categories.

This week our articles were about the painting the “Major’s matchmaking” by Pavel Andreevich Fedotov and as an exception I published a translation of the message from The Russian President to his Federal Assembly

I hope you’ll find something to enjoy

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