Site Progress Week of May 25, 2023

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This week I added a lot of short stories from Anton Chekhov in English. Some are A Happy Man, An Enigmatic Nature , and The Looking-Glass . A little longer is Ward Number. 6

I also added Eugene Onéguine to the poems by Alexander Pushkin (also in English)

I continued to add poems like The Courtin , Columbus, and A Christmas Carol by James Russell Lowell and Sunset, Sonnet of Autumn, and The Accursed by Charles Baudelaire, all in English.

In French I added more poems by Charles Baudelaire, a few are L’amour Du Mensonge, Hymne A La Beauté and L’Ame Du Vin

And in Russian I continued the poems by Lermontov, a few are: В день рождения N. N, Булевар and Будь со мною, как прежде бывала (К ***)

In the Russian Literature I continue to change the presentation of the books.

This week our article was a translation of the poem “Wives” by Konstantin Simonov and as usual presented side by side in Russian and English

I hope you’ll find something to enjoy

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